N treatments and patients generally have few restrictions on activities during radiation therapy. order viagra Many patients continue to work during the weeks of treatment. can you get viagra prescription online Patients are encouraged, however, to carefully gauge how they feel and not to overexert themselves. Side effects and complications the majority of patients are able to complete radiation therapy for ovarian cancer without significant difficulty. Side effects and potential complications of radiation therapy are limited to the areas that are receiving treatment with radiation. The chance of a patient experiencing side effects, however, is highly variable. can you get viagra prescription online A dose that causes some discomfort in one patient may cause no side effects in other patients. In patients who undergo one or more surgical operations, bowel obstruction may occur. can you get viagra prescription online If side effects occur, the patient should inform the technologists and radiation oncologist, because treatment for these side effects is almost always available and effective. Radiation therapy to the abdominal/pelvic area may cause diarrhea, abdominal cramping or increased frequency of bowel movements or urination. liquid viagra homebrew These symptoms are usually temporary and resolve once the radiation is completed. Occasionally, abdominal cramping may be accompanied by nausea. buy viagra cheap It is not unusual for some patients to note changes in sleep or rest patterns during the time they are receiving radiation therapy and some patients will describe a sense of tiredness and fatigue. Blood counts can be affected by radiation therapy. milkpaint.com/ibe-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-bz/ In particular, the white blood cell and platelet counts may be decreased. viagra sales uk This is dependent on how much bone marrow is in the treatment field and whether the patient has previously received or is currently receiving chemotherapy. viagra 20 mg when to take These changes in cell counts are usually insignificant and resolve once the radiation is completed. better viagra or viagra However, many radiation therapy institutions make it a policy to check the blood counts at least once during the radiation treatments. viagra online Late complications are infrequent following radiation treatment of ovarian cancer. discount generic viagra Potential complications do include bowel obstruction, ulcers, or cancers caused by the radiation. The probabilities of these late complications are also affected by previous extensive abdominal or pelvic surgery, radiation therapy and/or co.
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