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Y field,” “qi,” or “aura,” is “smoothed” by the hands of the therapist or shifted from one place to another to achieve balance. The energy field is said to extend several inches outside the body, and the patient’s field interacts with the field of the practitioner. The nature of this supposed energy field is obscure, but proponents often link it in some way with relativity and the equivalence of matter and energy. It has also been suggested that the body’s energy field is electromagnetic. Quantum mechanics, despite its popularity in many alternative medicine circles, rarely seems to be invoked in touch therapy. Indeed, b. cheap viagra Brennan, author of hands of light (1987), writes: “i am unable to explain these experiences without using the old classical physics framework. Viagra 5 mg ” i confess that classical physics does not make it any easier for me to explain. buy viagra online legally Practitioners claim to be able to “feel” the energy field and often employ hand-held pendulums to locate the “chakras,” or vortices, in the field that must be smoothed out to promote healing. It would seem to be a simple matter to examine a field that can be felt tactually, or that affects the motion of a pendulum, but so far no one has claimed to detect the energy field with any instrument that is not hand-held. This is quite remarkable since there are said to be tens of thousands in the united states who have been trained in some form of this therapy. In the united kingdom there are 8,500 registered touch therapists (benor 1993). The public is spending billions of dollars annually on sugar pills to cure their sniffles, hand waving to speed recovery from operations, and good thoughts to ward off illness, all with assurances that it’s based on science. Society has been set up for this fleecing in part by the media’s sensationalized coverage of modern science. Viagra effects men Popular discussions of relativity, quantum mechanics, and chaos often leave people with the impression that common sense cannot be relied on — anything is possible. Scientists themselves often feed the public’s appetite for the “weirdness” of modern science in an effort to stimulate interest — or simply because scientists, too, can be beguiled by the mysterious. viagra coupons manufacturer References anagnostatos, g. S. 1994. generic viagras brought in united states In ultra high dilution: physiology and physics, edited by j. real reviews viagra Schulte and p. free generic viagra samples C. Endler. viagra viagra viagra Dordrecht: kluwer. http://howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheap-generic-viagra-online-bn/ Benor, d. viagra with prescription J. Frontier perspectives 3: 33. Benveniste, j. 1993. Frontier perspectives 3: 13. cheap viagra Berezin, a. A. 1990. viagra amazon uk Medical hypothesis 31: 43. free generic viagra samples Brennan, b. viagra cheap 1987. Hands of light. New york: bantam. free generic viagra samples Chopra, d. 1989. Quantum healing. blue pill viagra herbal New york: bantam. —. 1993. cheapest viagra prices Ageless body, timeless mind: the quantum alternative to growing old. viagra for sale New york: random house. buy viagra Davenas, e. , et al. 1988. Natur. http://aakmarine.com/ckm-556568/ http://aakmarine.com/ckm-556711/ aakmarine.com/ckm-555554/ http://aakmarine.com/ckm-557284/ http://aakmarine.com/ckm-556078/ aakmarine.com/ckm-556209/ tadalafil compared to viagra http://aakmarine.com/ckm-558228/ http://aakmarine.com/ckm-556180/ is viagra safe after expiration date